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Fighter pilots offered rearguard support to each other by assuring each other, “I’ve got your six.” In other words, you can depend on me to protect you in areas that you cannot cover yourself. “I’ve got your six” denotes back-up, comfort, camaraderie, and philia-love (friendship). Loyalty captures the essence of “I’ve got your six.” Who do you trust to have your back? Who’s in charge or responsible for making decisions about your life should you become unable?


Who you entrust with the task of covering your “six” reflects the confidence you have in this person to address what you cannot do for yourself. In fact, depending on what needs addressing, you may strategically utilize your trusted “six-bearers” in deliberate ways. For instance, I’ve got my mother’s “six” to assist with any of her medical decisions when she’s unable. However, my sister covers her “six” by managing her monthly budget when she’s incapable. In some cases, a family member may not necessarily be the one responsible for carrying out your wishes or handling your affairs. On several occasions, I’ve been told by a few church members that they informed their families that I had the responsibility of writing their obituary when they crossed over to the other side of eternity. Requests like these make me mindful of just how much trust and confidence these precious souls have placed in me for covering their life-story “six.” I’m ever so grateful when I receive requests of this kind. 


Choosing Your Six–

An individual who…

  • Agrees to do the task you’ve requested
  • Demonstrates integrity and trustworthiness
  • Possesses the skill set to complete the task/request
  • Pays attention to detail 
  • Committed to follow-up and efficient at follow-through as needed
  • Loves you or respects you and believes in your cause
  • Guarantees the fulfillment of services or resources you’ve contracted to cover 


Most importantly, whoever you’ve enlisted as your “six” or “six-team,” make sure that you clearly communicate what task/responsibility you want to address. Write down or record on audio the specific details that you wish for your “six” to complete. From time to time, have your “Six” revisit the details of the task that he or she has agreed to cover. If modifications become necessary, communicate the change with your “Six” and update your record. Committing to carrying out these few steps helps whoever has “got your six” successfully cover your blindside.


In the spirit of the WWI fighter pilots, I pray that you have a loyal rearguard team who assure with, “I’ve got your six.” I pray that you get surrounded by those faithful ones who cover you, look out for you, and protect your blindside against what you may not see coming. 


                                  Who’s got your “six”? 


If you don’t know, I suggest you get your “six” in order.


Peace and Blessings,


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