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The following are writing chunks taken from obituaries that we’ve written or edited for grieving families over the years.

  It has been our joy and privilege to help families tell the last story of their loved one’s life and share it in print.  

Note–John or Jane or Fido has been used to respect the privacy of our story-sharer.

Sample 1

Jane was born on December 5, 1948. She was the oldest girl in the family.

Jane made her arrival on a chilly December 5 in 1948. Since she was the firstborn daughter to her parents, John and Jane Doe, she became the center of attention…

Sample 2

John heard the fight between Joe Lewis and Max Schmeling on the radio. Joe won. John smiles when he tells this story. 


Joe Lewis had won the fight with Max Schmeling. Colored people, all over, ecstatic with pride, could be heard cheering and hooping over Joe’s victory, a victory for the people. John smiles a big grin as he recounts this proud moment in history…

Sample 3

John liked going out to dinner with his wife. He also liked going to the beach..

John loved dining out and walking along the beach, holding hands with his Girl. …The love and passion between them captured the attention of many, even young folk.

Sample 4


When many made their exodus from Compton and Lynwood during the great “White-Flight,” you resolved to yield your life and heart to all children and barring none. Your roots grew deep in the soil of our urban land.

Sample 5

Jane passed away on May 17, 2020 and is with the Lord now.


Jane Doe lived enthusiastically all her life. Yet, on May 17, 2020, in the twilight of the dawn, the Lord sent an angel to take Jane by the hand and escort her into the Father’s glory…

Sample 6


Fido liked to play in the water all the time. I’m going to miss my friend.


Fido loved playing in the water. He’d dash wildly across the yard heading for the water sprinkler, just to lap up all he could before he pressed his entire face into the center of the sprinkler,… We’re gonna miss Fido’s playful gruffy growl when we tussled with him or tickled his belly. So long, Buddy.

Sample 7


Weary from the battles of life, John Doe closed his eyes on this earthly journey on May 26, 2022. Ironically, the calendar marking the year he began his earthly quest is the exact number of calendar days depicting his exit into his eternal rest. Jesus said, “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy burden, and I will give you rest… rest for your soul.” (Matthew 11:28-29). John now abides in that eternal presence with those gone ahead of him.

John, when you could do no more, you surrendered. Thank you for your years of service to your country, your family, and your God. You will forever be remembered as the guy who put it all on the line.


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