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The Life Story that Lisa Marie helped my family write about my father in June 2018 was truly amazing. The words and phrases she used were both heartwarming and inspiring. This is a picture of my father, Pastor Edward Robinson, Sr.

Ed Robinson, Jr.

Pastor, Trinity Chapel Life Center

Hi, I would like to share my experience with Your Last Story . In June of 2023 My son Branden Passed away. This totally crushed my whole family…Approximately 10 days before my sons passing we lost a very dear relative who’s faith was Muslim…It was sad for me because in the Muslim faith out of respect they prepare the home going’s in three days…My son Branden, who-at that time prior to his death was Muslim… my son and I conversed about this and I told him then, that If anything happened to him I wouldn’t be able to uphold the Muslim respect to the burial…At this time my son said, “but that’s the way I want to be buried…” So, sadly on June 9th my son passed away and I had a task of figuring out what to do …I knew nothing of the Muslim faith so I began searching on the internet on how to prepare an obituary for a muslim burial..my eyes were swollen from crying so much and I couldn’t focus…This is when I saw Your Last Story and one other…I message both at the weee hours of the morning and Ms. Lisa Dodson blessed me with a phone call…I shared my emergency With Ms. Lisa, and she did the rest…Ms.Lisa was very compassionate with me and for my every need… I had no clue of what to do and in 24hrs. she called the Eman of the mass that my son attended, got all the information needed for the order of the obituary, where the cemetery was going to be located, and the story that she created, for my son was amazing. My whole family were so pleased, especially my mother. She cried at how beautiful my sons obituary was and my sister was adamant in regards too submitting the review she insisted on that review…

Ms. Lisa just stayed and talk with me on the phone just getting a feeling of how my son and I and our family relationship was she put it in such a beautiful story. I told her she should use his obituary as an example on her website I will never forget Ms. Lisa.  She totally help me beyond measures. She got the printers location so I can pick up the obituary’s which was approximately 2 miles from my residence. I didn’t do anything. She did it all. her prices were reasonable. I thought it was gonna cost so much money but it did not and that’s the best part of it outside of her beautiful beautiful, beautiful, compassionate, loving way of the approach with someone after they lost a very much loved one . Thank you Miss Lisa for all your hard work. I really appreciate you and Your Last Story

Carolyn Honeycutt


I want to thank Your last Story for taking such amazing loving care of my son and husbands obituary and story. Their stories were so tenderly and beautifully told. I feel that they were honored in a way that perfectly told their story. I would highly recommend Your last Story to handle your loved ones memorial.

Brandie Schwartz

Wife & Mother

My family enjoyed how Lisa brought my father (2018) and sister Cheryl’s (2010) life so alive that you could invision everything that was said. She is so detailed in her writing and will pull events and points about your loved ones that perhaps you never realized. You can feel the heart and soul put into her writing.


Alida Davis

Daughter & Sister

Your Last Story wrote my Dad’s story in a way that truly honored him and brought our family comfort when he passed. Writing an obituary is extremely difficult but having it written for you while sharing fond memories made the process much easier and it was done better than what we could have done ourselves. Unfortunately most of us will be faced with the loss of a loved one… let Your Last Story help you tell their story with the love and reverence they deserve.

Amber Cook


Lisa Marie, helped us put my Mom, Sarai Rodriguez’s life story to paper this past  January 2020. It was beautiful! Thank you Lisa! This is a picture of my beautiful mother. We miss you, Mom.

Deborah Rodriguez

Lisa wrote my 39-year-old niece’s life story, whose lifespan was short, May 24, 2020, but spectacular. Having no firsthand knowledge of her did not prevent Lisa from writing a life story with depth and detailed description. She will be able to do the same for you. Her God-given gift and heart for people ensures it. This is a picture of Tessa when she was 18.


Margaret Moore

The Life Story of June Godwin-Ivey, titled “Legacy of Life,” was written January 2018 by the astounding Lisa Marie with a laptop on her lap while family members casually were remembering June and what she did throughout her life. The amazing Lisa Marie was writing, noting, and reflecting on all that was shared about June. Without directing any questions to the family, she surprisingly mentioned to me, June’s sister, “While you and your family were talking about June, I briefly wrote things from the conversations, adding in the laughter of her fond memories.” Lisa Marie wrote June’s life story with passionate phases and descriptions of my sister’s life as if she had been writing it for the past 50+ years.

Lisa Marie is a talented, amazing, inspiring, and conscientious writer who will tell your love-ones story as if they were face-to-face telling it themselves. This is a picture of my June-Bug and me.

Barbara Banks

To lose a parent is devastating. To lose 2 parents on the same day of each other is doubly so. Were it not for my dear, dear cousin, Lisa Marie and later on the ladies of the church, I don’t know how we would have made it through.

We knew our parent did not have a lot of time left, but the abruptness of their passing threw us all for a loop. Lisa Marie was truly an angel and carried the burden of getting the information together to write the obituary for my parents. And later on the ladies at the church gifted us basket, and it was such a sweet gesture, it brought me to tears. We buried my parents close to Thanksgiving and it made everything so much easier for the family and me personally. I miss my parents everyday, but now I smile and reminisce, though I do still have my moments, but time does heal. My many thanks and love for all the help given with telling my parents, Henry and Claudine Blacksher’s story. This is a picture of my mother, niece, and me. (Oct 2016)

Vernita Blacksher


Ms Lisa graciously compiled my father’s, Arthur Washington, story in January 2021.We thought no one would be able to work quickly and efficiently when my father suddenly passed. Fortunately, Lisa was there to save the day. Through our conversations she was able to capture my father’s story.We loved her services and her professionalism. She truly reflected my father in a great light! I definitely recommend their services!

Erika Washington


I was so pleased to have had YLS to help create such a beautiful story for my dear sister Linda in March 2021. I loved Lisa’s writing style and she made my story about my sister come to life so elegantly. It was truly a blessing . Excellent writer job well done.

Sandra Perez


I shared a vision with Lisa how I wanted to celebrate my grandmother with a living tribute video presentation in May 2021. She made it happen and I am brought to tears no matter how many times I watch it.

Thank you YLS

Hampton/Caldwell Family

My friend Felicha Thomas-Ewell passed away in 2019. Lisa Marie helped to share her story with others. Lisa Marie did an amazing job with the obituary. She encapsulated Felicha’s personality and life through her writing in such a way that those that didn’t know much about Felicha learned more about her. Also it wasn’t like any obituary that I had read. Most obituaries give basic information about the person’s life and almost feels detached and impersonal. Even though it was a sad event, her writings about Felicha allowed for us to mourn her yet celebrate her life. When you read obituaries, it should be a celebration of the person’s life. It should never feel detached and impersonal. Lisa Marie allowed for us to experience Felicha on a personal level which again made a very sad event truly a homegoing and a celebration of life.

Estelle Williams



Lisa did a superb job on my sister’s homegoing write up in 2010! She was able to capture those moments we shared and brought them back to life !! We appreciate you

Alida Davis


A simple “thank you” does not seem to suffice. But there are no words that could express my gratitude. Thank you for all that you did. From checking in granny and making sure her last days on this side of Glory were pleasant. To supporting me as I prepared to say my last good bye…your love and support meant EVERYTHING!!! (Mar 2017)

Dominique Cyprian


I would like to thank God and all of the souls that arranged my sister, Vernita’s last story at a time like this, you can hardly keep a clear thought in your mind. What would’ve taken days to prepare, it was so easy to use the template. It was not confusing at all and when they added the details, it was a joy to hear it read– classy and endearing and family moments that brought it to life–how beautiful. it was amazing work (Jun 2021)

Michelle Blacksher


We reached out to Lisa in desperation as we were struggling with creating a proper obituary for our mother. Lisa was calm, empathetic and professional. She took time to listen to our recollection of our mother’s life, including anecdotes and quirky stories. Lisa was then able to put all that information into a beautiful, and thoughtful story that gave honor to our mother’s life. She was patient with our edit requests and with a kind spirit and professionalism provided guidance when she thought we might have been gearing off the path. My siblings and I were in awe of the final story. We are forever grateful to Lisa for the awesome work she did with our mother’s obituary. 

Our beloved, Hazel Eileen Simmons Pitterson (Nov 2021)
Magaly Pitterson


The life story of my husband, Pastor Gregory Alexander was amazing. The way the story was put together a person could visualize the moments in his life. It was beautifully written. (Jul 2021)

Elaine Alexander


I am very thankful for Your Last Story. My story of the woman, who my mother was and how she was loved and how she cared for others was created so beautifully by Your Last Story (Feb 2022). It touched so many. The details I requested came out beautifully. The colors of the program was graced with elegance and grace. There was not 1 dry eye. I so thank them and I will recommend this company to families who needs these services … I’m thankful, blessed, and  enjoyed sharing my Mother’s life and our Journey with Your Last Story. I will cherish for my lifetime. Thank u again, Ms. Lisa

Tambria Hodges


Working with Lisa was amazing. She is so thorough and thoughtful. She did my grandmothers legacy tribute in 2021 and it was done with such excellence that it was no way I would go anywhere else.. Thank you so much for your hard work . (January 2022)

Lisha Hampton


 The attention, detail and care that Lisa provided during the preparation of my grandmother‘s life story was nothing less than superb! The gift that she has to add life to words is exceptional. Lisa takes great pride and care in her work and she aims to make her clients happy. I think that what sets her aside from the rest is she truly wants to give you exactly what you asked for, she wants to honor your love one just as if she was apart of the family! Thank you Lisa! God bless you! (March 2022)


-Sincerely, Robyn


I can’t say enough about this amazing service. After my son’s tragic untimely death, I really wanted something special to memorialize him. Lisa was so kind and caring to walk me through his story when I was unable to make decisions. The story she wrote for my son was beautifully worded. She told the story of my son’s life in a way that honored his life. I would recommend Your Last Story if you are looking for a special way to honor your loved one. (May 2022)

My Son, Garrett Kade Calvert

Brandie Schwartz


Your Last Story is precisely that. Lisa created a beautiful story about our father on very short notice. My Aunt who is very particular quoted “Grammar and punctuation are superb!!! Written beautifully”. I signed up on Friday, and had a Tuesday deadline, Lisa diligently gathered all the information she needed the same day, then created the story, and was done mainly by Sunday. Her efforts working over the weekend to meet the deadline show how customer service-oriented they are. (August 2022)
Jaywill Sands


The YSL experience served our family with exceptional service. The way Ms Lisa expressed Linda Joyce last story put a stamp on her history. Customer service met our families need in the midst of all the emotions as well as freedom to navigate other details of her service. She offered support to Shanique, the person responsible to carry out the family’s wishes. Not to mention the grace given by Ms Lisa very tentative her spirit allowed us to rest and reset, until all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed. Her gracious words uplifting spirit and prayers soothed moments. Thanks YSL and Team for providing us with superior service…..(September 2022)
From Our 🤍‘s To Yours;
Continued Blessings

Shanique Hickman (Niece)

The Family of Linda Joyce Herron Frazier

Last year (July 23, 2022), I was able to contact Lisa regarding one of my dear friends mother who had passed away. Lisa was quickly and respectfully able to gather as much information as she could to embellish in writing what was already a beautiful life story. Lisa we appreciate you, and your tremendous skills.

Chandra Tally

Family Friend

I reached out to YLS to draft a story (obituary) for my dear Mama who transitioned from this earth on March 6, 2023. It would be the second time YLS had written a story for my family (my dear sister) . I absolutely loved her skill set for creating a wonderful story that was upbeat , well told and a captivating to read. She took the story I gave her and made an interesting read. It made me smile, giggle and allowed me to remember the fond memories that I hold dear to my heart and shared it with all who knew my sister first then my mother. I would definitely recommend the services of YLS to tell your loved ones last story Ms. Lisa has impeccable writing skills.

Sandra Phea-Perez


Can’t thank you enough, Lisa!

Our family was very appreciative of all the apparent hard work, effort, and dedicated thought put into our loved one’s story and program (May 2021). It meant a lot to us to have all of those memories and special moments we shared presented in such as fashion that captured the essence of her life here with us on earth!!!

May God continue to bless you and all the work you do.

Thank you

Anthony Taylor

Bonus Son

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