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The Benefits of working with Your Last Story…Your one stop team you can trust

There’s no need to worry or busy yourself with how to write, prepare, and print your loved one’s obituary program. Let Your Last Story and our partners help you bring it all together on this one visit. We assist  mourning families by offering obituary writing support service, program preparing with pictures and family tributes, and we provide printing of the program, all on this site, but in collaboration with our partners. You won’t have to worry. We’ll walk alongside you and take care of your loved one’s story and program and printing, so you can focus on spending that needed healing time with family and close friends.  Please contact YLS to prepare a beautiful story program keepsake that you will cherish for years to come.

It is our joy and privilege to help your family prepare a professional and loving life story for your loved one.

Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation or get pricing.

In support of our families, we’re stronger together.



If selecting a program/tribute template, make sure to include template number in your Order Request.


Your Last Story–Obituary & Celebratory Writing Service works with several third-party resources that we trust, but we are NOT responsible for the Terms of Agreement of these third-party resource affiliates. Any costs incurred from utilizing these third-party resource services that you, the Client require or request, which may arise in dispute will NOT be at the expense of Your Last Story–Obituary & Celebratory Writing  Service.

Here’s a snapshot of the process for how Your Last Story–Obituary & Celebratory  Writing Service works:

Step 1 – Read this How the Process Works Steps. After reading the four steps, click this  Order Request link to complete the Story-Fact Form andpay the 50.00 non-refundable deposit

Step 2 – After the deposit is paid, we’ll schedule a 15-30 minute consultation to gather your story-facts, and then we’ll start to create or edit-revise story building process. You’ll receive a conference call reading of the first draft within 1-2 business days. 

(Note–Pricing varies when consultation exceeds 15 minutes for edit-revision and 30 minutes to create your story. Completing the YLS Story-Fact form saves considerable time, but we are willing to assist you without the form; however, there’s an additional fee if the consultation exceeds the allotted time frame.)

Step 3 – Based on your feedback, we’ll make the needed changes and build a final draft for your approval.  

(Note–Please review your story-draft carefully. Once your finalized story is returned to you, there is an additional fee to reopen your story to make additional revisions.)

Step 4 – After the balance is paid, we’ll email your loved one’s Your Last Story–Obituary or Celebratory final draft and Family Tribute (if one is submitted) through Google Doc format; however, the finalized story-draft can be submitted through  Pages or Word formats, if requested. 

Your Last Story–Obituary & Celebratory Writing Service retains ownership of this  final draft; however, you have the liberty to share the story, with the exception of selling this story for profit. 

Thank you for allowing Your Last Story–Obituary & Celebratory Writing Service to help tell your loved one’s life story,   

       Lisa Dodson, YLS Editor-Story Writer


  • Create YLS–Loved One
  • Edit & Revise YLS
  • Edit Only YLS
  • Create YLS–Newspaper Entry
  • Edit & Revise YLS–Newspaper Entry
  • Create YLS–Tell Your Own Story Before You Go
  • Create YLS–Life Legacy–Tribute to a Loved One
  • Edit & Revise YLS–Life Legacy–Tribute to a Loved One
  • Create Love You/Thank You framed Tribute to a Loved One
  • Edit & Revise Love You/Thank You framed Tribute to a Loved One

It’s All In The Family

Share Your Loved One’s Last Story


  • Senior Aged Loved One
  • Military Loved One
  • Gone Too Soon, Teen-Young Adult  Loved One
  • Returned to Heaven Infant Loved One
  • Your BFF-Bestie Loved One
  • Furry-Feathered-Scaly Family Pet Loved One
  • Tell Your Own Story Before You Go
  • Life Legacy–Tribute to a Loved One
  • Love You/Thank You framed Tribute to a Loved One

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