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What happens when our team gets redefined?

Change isn’t easy, especially when it’s forced upon us. We don’t appreciate when our control is ripped from our hands or pried from our grasp. It’s a painful reality that change is unavoidable. What we become in the midst of change determines how steadily we navigate into our future. Who we allow into our journey also dictates what becomes us. Our team gets defined in various ways. Some members are born into our team. Yet, others become members through years of association and trust. Still, others become our team members through necessity, such as doctors, caregivers, or advisors. 

We find comfort in the assurance that we have a steady, capable, and trustworthy team on which we rely. But what happens when a vital team member resigns or unwillingly gets removed from the team? What do we do? What transpires during the aftermath of the departure of that member? Well, we retain a few options: 

  • Resist the reality that the team has changed and become ever so resentful that our original team has changed.
  • Ignore reality and convince ourselves that we’re fine.
  • Embrace the opportunities this change poses in our lives and anticipate meaningful new connections.


Resist Change

No matter how much we kick and squawk. Change comes. It comes to change us. Change transitions people in and out of our lives. All of this movement changes us. Unless it’s our idea, we don’t like when our team gets rearranged. What brings the most pain and disappointment is when a team member becomes incapacitated or dies. Suddenly, we become laser-focused on how the absence impacts our world. Now, we are cognizant of the minutest contributions that the member added to our team. Things we seldom noticed in times past resonate so loudly. It pains us, which may breed imminent resentment. We feel stripped, especially if we lost a member who held our heartstrings.


Ignore Change

We can bury our heads in the sand or become numb to the reality that team members have gone away. If we want to feign ignorance, we won’t move forward. It’s difficult to make progress if we pretend that our here-and-now doesn’t exist. It may seem simpler to either ignore the reality of the present team dynamics or how the shift impacts us, but we may find ourselves stuck, unable to value our current season of life with our rearranged team.


Embrace Change

Give me a ‘T,’ “T.” Give me an ‘E,’ “E.” Give me an ‘A,’ “A.” Give me an ‘M,’ “M.” What does it spell? “TEAM!” Cheerleaders on the sideline charge the atmosphere with inspiration and anticipation. They encourage us to cheer our team to victory. Cheerleaders challenge us to keep hope alive by supporting our team in defeat. Cheerleaders stabilize us right now and fan the flames of our future pursuits. Cheerleaders champion and celebrate the team, no matter who makes up the team. They show up for the team with the same energy and expectation, even when members get traded, retired, or drafted. A cheerleader commits to the team as a whole and not just one individual. 


Our Team Redefined

What happens when our team gets redefined? My point in this analogy is that we owe it to ourselves and our team to appreciate our evolving team’s unique beauty, benefit, and purpose. Our role: commit to our team with all our attributes, experiences, and intention, just like a cheerleader. We actively support those members who transition from our team to pursue other endeavors. We show consideration to those members who trade us for another team.

We celebrate and honor our team members who retire from their service to the team. Perhaps, they have aged, and their contribution description has changed. Maybe, a team member retired their earthly frame for an eternal one. In either case, we celebrate all they shared and meant to our team.

Lastly, but not exclusively, we show grace to members who merge into our present team. They need grace as they learn what it means to be a member of our team. We extend grace as they step into positions of our traded or retired members. We encourage them to make the role their own. We celebrate their willingness and offer guidance to smooth the learning curve since their draft. 


In other words, we take stock of the changes that have impacted our lives and pray to see how our redefined team empowers us on this present life journey. If we do this, we will experience less resentment and anger. If we embrace our redefined team, we won’t remain stuck in the pit of apathy and hopelessness. The value of what to do when our team gets redefined is that we retain the power of choice. We determine how we utilize the purpose that our team presents and what appreciation we hold for each team member.


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Live Long and Prosper

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