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What happens to a dream deferred?

What happens when our dream doesn’t come in the time that we had hoped? Do we resolve that nothing shall come of it and give up, or do we determine that hope safeguards us against disbelief, so we keep believing? The beauty of this conundrum is that we have the wonderful gift of choice. We get a chance every day that we live to choose. We have an opportunity to pursue or disengage. We can either connect with life or let life happen to us. By no means am I suggesting that we have total control over what happens throughout our day. No, not at all. I think we’ve all lived long enough to know that, in truth, we have very little control over how, when, and what takes place in our everyday. Yet, we do have the option of how we pick up the pieces in our lives and muddle through all the debris, seeking any remnant of how to find a way to keep following after and believing for our dream to manifest in our lifetime.

Time is a finicky creature. How we interact with time determines what shall become of us. Our perspective weighs in balance. Since we don’t have the control that we hoped to manage, it’s fundamental that we carve out a place within the inner sanctum of our hearts to embrace hope. Hope won’t make us ashamed. Hope reminds us that what we envision is just around the river bend. When it seems that we’ve already turned the corner and nothing looks remotely like anything we had hoped to see, that’s when we remind ourselves, “Though it may tarry, wait for it.”

How Do We Wait For A Dream Deferred?

We wait in expectation. We wait by acting on those areas that we may pursue. We wait with hope. We wait by getting involved and encouraging others with their dreams. As we encourage others, we find the strength to believe in our own dreams. We consider that deferred, simply put, means postponed or on the way or not yet or delayed. So, we hold on. It’s on the way.

What happens to a dream deferred?


If we’re fortunate and wise, and optimistic, we do what we can to fan the flames of hope to keep our delayed dreams alive. Our hope harnesses the wind of anticipation. It’s our lifeblood. One thing to remember as we age, the dream we envisioned in our younger years may take on a different shape, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience what we hoped to see or accomplish or experience. Life brings about changes. Our bodies and minds change. The beauty of it all is that we take comfort and find pleasure in awaiting what may seem denied–our dreams. Hope is a powerful vehicle.


Whatever you do, keep your dream alive, even if you must make some adjustments along the way. 


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