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There are two numbers we must remember when in distress.

In the hustle and bustle of living and planning our days, we appreciate and make use of all the modern technologies that serve to ease our endeavors. Under the umbrella of “work smarter, not harder,” we rely on our devices more and more. So much so that we’ve forgotten the much-needed art of memorization. There’s really no need to put to memory phone numbers or passcodes because we retrieve this data using digital fingerprint or eye recognition technology. However, what happens when our technology forsakes us? We’re facing an emergency! There’s a glitch, and we cannot access our data. There are two numbers we must remember when in distress.

The Number of Designee of Our Affairs

We scramble about and comb our minds for familiar digits but to no avail. We simply can’t recall the numbers needed to rescue us from our dilemma. One number we must put into our long-term memory is the person designated to handle our affairs should we become unable. Far too often, these important numbers vanish from our memory when we so desperately need them the most, so one way to guarantee our recall of these numbers–use mnemonics. This catchy memory trick attaches an image or phrase to each number or a cluster of numbers to spark our recall. Try using my Aunt Frances’ straightforward approach–DIAL. Dial those priority numbers from time to time, so they get anchored in your memory.

Puzzled think cloud with one piece missing

Memorize A Boss or Reliable Coworker/Classmate’s Number

As we may have experienced, life holds a plethora of unexpected moments. We find ourselves facing a wall or some insurmountable circumstance on any given turn. We can’t get around it. In order to move forward with our day, we must address it–like it or not. These become the moments when we rejoice that we’ve memorized the number of our boss, reliable coworker, or a classmate we come to trust. It may look something like this: Your phone is locked in your car, and you may not arrive at a meeting. You’re stressed, but you take a deep breath when you realize all you need to do is call your trusty coworker. None of us wants the stress that comes with delay, but there’s a familiar reprieve when we can reach out to someone who helps us get out of that snag for the day.

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