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Have you ever heard an elder say, “Give me my roses while I can still smell them”? Well, it’s true. It’s so much more rewarding to experience our accolades firsthand rather than hear a second-hand account. It’s not a matter of hurrying through life passing out roses to all the elders in our lives, but it’s a matter of Carpe Diem, seize the day. Take advantage of each day, and make certain to enjoy the people who travel with us along the way.

Smelling the roses reminds me of celebrating moments in our lives by taking time to notice the experience. At the end of the day, spend a bit of time reminiscing over the events of the day and consider what emotions attach to those moments. It really doesn’t matter what you felt as long as you remember to appreciate it. Even if the moment didn’t yield a favorable emotion, we could acknowledge what we learned from the incident. We could consider how having this moment makes opportunities to cherish the joy of growing. Whenever we do something intentional in our day, we undoubtedly grow into more grateful people. As I pen these words, I acknowledge that I feel tired, but I appreciate how grateful I am for preparing this blog. I get whisked away each week to a place in time where I can share with you, my readers, how empowering living life cognizant that our pilgrimage on this earth is temporary. I think embracing this reality makes for brighter days, livelier days, mindful days, grateful days.

 Living intentionally by taking advantage of the moments that make up our days equips us with the foresight that giving our roses to those we love matters most as we go throughout our day. The living appreciates roses a whole lot better than the dead. With this said, it becomes vital, on our part, to express our love and shower our loved ones with their flowers while they can most benefit from our gestures of love. If we live giving out the love we feel, we leave no room for regrets. When a loved one’s name crosses your mind, send up a “Thank you” or an “I love you” while they can appreciate the love. We’re so busy these days, so send an emoji or a loving meme. Even better, calendar-in a time to give a call. Yes, it’s intentional rose giving. What about this one? You could actually write a note and pop it in the mail. Snailmail still works, and who doesn’t love to open a “just because” letter? We love receiving gifts, and many of us enjoy giving gifts, but have you noticed that after a loved one has lived for a very long time, it becomes more and more challenging to present a meaningful, tangible gift? It becomes quite stressful, truly. From my experience, I’ve observed that what our eldest loved ones want from us most is the least expensive gift of all–TIME. They love our presence and authentic undivided attentive time. How about that? Our focused attention becomes the absolute best bouquet of roses ever. Elders so enjoy when we listen to stories that they’ve shared several times with us as though it’s our first encounter hearing this tale. Priceless.

My thoughts rest on the movie classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Take time to smell the roses, and spend time to share the roses makes for a wonderfully grateful and meaningful life: one with no regrets or “If I only had…” 


Carpe Diem–Seize the moment. 


Live long and prosper–in a bed of roses.

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