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The miracle of an extraordinarily ordinary day

occurs every time we notice some small wonder in a loved one’s smile or when a fragrance or an aroma sweeps us away into a moment in time that warms our hearts. It’s ordinary yet so extraordinary. We don’t often consider how expressions, favorite meals with loved ones, or encouraging affirmations lodge into the deep recesses of our hearts. That’s what makes these memory snapshots and daily dealings so extraordinary. And it’s these extraordinary happenings that produce those miracles that we may overlook and dismiss as insignificant.


Miracles of Cherished Loved Ones

The pandemic interrupted so many family gatherings. Holidays were reduced to immediate family attendees dwelling under the same roof. I don’t think we considered the tremendous impact pandemic restrictions have had on us over the past two years. Maintaining social distance caused so many to crave physical contact. Who would have ever imagined that a warm embrace or the whisk of a hand caressing a tear from a loved one’s cheek would become an extraordinary ordinary encounter? And if we consider intimate interactions between loved ones through the lens of someone departing this physical life, every smile, every giggle, and every nuance of a loved one’s mannerisms and demeanor become so extraordinarily precious. Truly, each moment creates the building blocks of a miracle of an extraordinarily ordinary day.


Miracles of Favored Foods & Aroma

Before getting dental work or preparing for surgery, or starting a strict diet, we contemplate which favored meal will bless our palates. It’s an amusing spectacle how we go about choosing this food option. Hmm. Do I want savory or crunchy or sugary or umami? What aroma tantalizes my salivary glands? I think, maybe, zesty. No, cheesy. Yep, I could eat pizza every day if my widening hips didn’t object. Geesh. Times for last meals draw us into tough selectivity. Extraordinary care goes into this ordinary meal. On the counter side of the spectrum, for those making their departure from their earthly visage, those once favored bites and aromas lack the luster of enticement. These are those whose appetite is wet by what lies beyond this earthly realm. Indeed, they await the miracle of an extraordinarily ordinary day.


Miracles of Encouraging Words

Many grew up believing the age-old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” No matter how poetic this may sound: It’s absolutely not true. Pulverizing words do just that–hurt, destroy, and undermine. Yet, just as true–affirming words empower, strengthen, and fortify our worth, value, hopes, and dreams. Proverbs 15:23 admonishes us, “…a word in due season, how sweet it is.” One kind word harnesses the power to catapult us over our most challenging hurdle. A remembered affirmation uplifts our confidence when we question our ability to succeed. Much of our self-worth rests on the daily affirmations provided by our caregivers. The power of life-promoting language holds a wealth of miracles for making an ordinary day extraordinary. 


Why not spend our days appreciating the presence of our loved ones? I felt the heart of a dear friend who shared that she yearns for another opportunity to clean up a messy kitchen for her son, who passed away recently. For her and all those who’ve lost loved ones, we long for those miracles resting among the extraordinarily ordinary days. Another adage, “You don’t miss the water until the well is dry,” resounds in the hearts and minds of those of us missing loved ones. What are we to do? Appreciate the simplicity of a single day and treasure the voices and memorize the expressions of those we hold dear. Slow down and relish each meal. Memorize the aromas that make us smile. Offer loving and encouraging language to those we encounter throughout the day. And lastly, remember Viola Davis’ affirming line in The Help, “You is kind. You is smart, and you is important.” 


Live Long and Prosper

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