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Life brings with it spins and turns and unexpected hiccups along the way. No matter what life serves us, we face the challenge of making the most of it. In the midst of it all, we retain opportunity. Regardless of what we think about our current condition or situation, we actively or, sometimes, passively dismiss the notion that the next chapter of our lives is in the making. We have an obligation to ourselves and our circle of influence to do something meaningful and inspiring. Make it a page-turner.

The Next Chapter

What’s next for you? In a world with so much uncertainty, it’s easy to throw our hands up in surrender. How do we plan or navigate a course during such perilous times? Do we sit on the sidelines and watch life happen because we feel like we’ve lost control over even the simple things in life? Should we find ourselves on the living end of life while the next chapter reveals itself? If you’re anything like me, sometimes it seems that the next chapter of my life will fall into place without me lifting a finger. It’s like a fixed fight. Yet, I know and believe that even with some distinct providential inserts into my life, I am a participant in shaping each chapter. Maybe, you’ve wondered what’s next. How about embracing this idea: “I may not have the authority to write the entire next chapter of my life, but I surely hold the creative rights that add descriptive meaning and flow to the story of my life.”

Do Something Meaningful

I think everyone wants to be remembered for doing something meaningful. We may not express it openly, and we may not pursue it intentionally, but deep within the inner chambers of our hearts, we all desire to inspire others in some way or another as we journey through this life. If you’ve watched the news, we see more and more troubled souls create mass mayhem in their misguided plight to make the world aware of their manifesto. They’re willing to die believing their reign of terror peeled back the shade on issues that mattered to them. Issues that seemed ignored, so they harnessed the bravado to force us all to see and hear the meaning behind the message that fueled their actions. We stand stunned in disbelief that these sorrowful and tormented souls found no other way to convey their discontent. So, what’s the point? Do something meaningful that makes the world a happier, more peaceful, and more pleasant place to dwell. Otherwise, the meaning gets lost in delivery. I’m just saying.

Make It a Page-Turner

If you’ve ever settled into reading a really all consuming read, you can’t let it go. Eyes burning, neck and arm numb, frozen in the same position for hours, but you continue turning the pages. Just like a good read, may your life capture the interest of those reading your life story, live-time. Make it a page-turner.

We don’t have to live life on the perpetual edge. Be kind and sincere. Genuinely kind and sincere people live interesting lives. They draw our attention. In what way? “Hmm, is she for real?” or “He’s just jocking for a position.” Or this one, “At first, I thought they were so fake, but they are honestly kind and helpful people.” People-watching has become a favored pastime. We don’t even realize that we’ve taken up this amusement. We watch from intrigue or skepticism or delight or analysis, but we spend much time reading life. Since we’re so drawn toward observing the lives of those around us, as they also watch us, make it a page-turner.

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Live Long and Prosper

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