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Make Connection With Loved Ones, Not Separation

It’s so important to make connection with loved ones, not separation. When brought into the world, we’re born into a family that has immediate and extended family. Based on your family’s tradition, you’re taught the difference between the two, and you learn how to begin the personal connection you share with them. Thankfully, my close relationship with my first, second, third, and even fourth cousins on my mother’s side is all within the same. When growing up, we had our Thanksgiving gathering where the family that attended knew each other. Whenever a new member got added to the family, the family received and welcomed each one. More specifically, each person who pursued expanding a connection with others allowed the relationships to grow even outside our yearly visit.

In my younger years, I had two cousins that I had the blessed pleasure of seeing multiple times each year. Whether it was for family visits to our grandparents’ house, summer vacation, birthdays, or holidays, we connected so often that our cousinhood became a sisterhood. Still, although time has gone by, life has added new things and people, our connection is so strong that death will be the only thing that breaks us apart. 


What Makes Up a Connection?

How is it that my cousins and I maintain this experience? It’s called a connection. We make connections with loved ones that keep us anchored. Connection is needed to form a secure bond that keeps you in touch with each other until death you do part. It’s when you take the time to listen and learn what’s going on with each other. If it’s a time to chat via call, facetime, email, or old-style cards and letters, you keep in touch on a regular, as a routine. You plan visits with one another so that seeing each other is not on necessary occasions or events. A trust gets established from sharing stories of new and exciting things happening in our lives. Share good times, sad times, and bad times. Through that trust, you are given the opportunity that forms a connection, which creates the comfort and support that allows us to develop and grow closer connections. 


The Benefits of Forming a Connection

So what benefits come from forming a connection? As for me, I am a person that schedules phone time with everyone! I plan a date and time to make sure we can freely talk for however long your schedules allow. To this day, I have weekly meet-up times with my mother, which I call QT with Mom; everyone knows not to disturb me on Sundays. Monday nights, I meet with Generations, our family conference call line. Yearly, I have trips for Thanksgiving with extended family. Every other year, I have my December trip to Auntie Gwen’s house in Georgia. Seasonally, during spring break or summer vacation, I am blessed by faithful friends who stay connected with me. We meet up and catch up where we left off. I share all of this to express, forming meaningful connections start with dedicating time. The benefit of investing this time will show up in dependable relationships that you can count on to celebrate with you or grieve with you or go through the storms of life with you. There will be those keepers of all things dear and precious. Now, who can’t benefit from a trusted and safe, worthy relationship that supports you, even when physical distance parts you? 


Keeping the Connection Together

Once you have a dedicated connection, contact what helps keep your connection strong? During our talking times, we must have an ear that hears and a heart that listens. A listening heart strives to understand and empathize with what each other expresses even if we don’t feel the same way. I’ve always tried to learn and understand what a person is saying more than what I want others to listen and learn what I’m saying. We all have a perspective that changes with time, yet discovering it takes us learning from our own experiences and those of others. Each of us needs to be heard in order to be known, and once you know, you grow.  

I share all of this because I know when you put forth effort in making a connection, commitment in keeping your connection, and dedication in living in your connection with others, you grow stronger with time, if you remain faithful through the time you have in keeping your relationships connected. The whole family benefits from those who make connection with loved ones, and not promote separation among family members. Part 2: Connection TBA.


Live Long and Prosper



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