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Did you know that it’s totally okay to live your best life here and now and still prepare for the end of life too? 

It’s typical for most people to lean toward one of two directions: They live as though there’s no cut-off date of their mortality, or they live with a morbid foreboding that death waits just around the corner. Some people think it’s an omen that puts negative energy into the atmosphere if they ponder the possibility of dying. However, the truth lies somewhere between these two mindsets. Living our best lives by enjoying and learning from each daily journey makes life meaningful. Because our mortality is unavoidable, we owe it to our families to express our end-of-life wishes and prepare financially for that inescapable day.

Is It An Omen to Contemplate End-Of-Life

Much has been spoken about promoting positivity. We’re often reminded through commercials and social media to guard our minds against contemplating too long on anything that pulls us into dark spaces in our conscience. Avoid dismal thinking. Reject negativity. Resist naysayers and haters who speak against our dreams and goals. The question remains: Is it bad luck to talk about our mortality? If we dare discuss the possibility of death, will it open a portal that summons us into its grasp? Hmm, well, let’s examine this concept. If we avoid talking about it, will we encounter greater longevity? We don’t know for sure. But what we do know is that refusing to discuss our mortality doesn’t assist those left with our remains. Our loved ones must struggle with the pangs of losing us and the frustration of not knowing how to handle our remains. They don’t have any last wishes to honor, and they may or may not have access to insurance or finances to close out our affairs. When we think about it, an omen may surface from avoiding end-of-life matters. Consider this: Live your best life and prepare for end-of-life too.


The Truth That Balances Living Life and Leaving Life

Balance becomes essential for navigating through life. We set a balance between work and play, between productivity and restfulness, between getting ready and living ready. So why is it so difficult when faced with striking a happy medium balance between living life and leaving life? We may sometimes feel we must choose one over the other. Why is that? Perhaps, when we’re young, and all is well in the world, we don’t want to rock the boat by introducing any negativity into our beautiful picture. As we age, we must think more seriously about leaving this world. We’ve learned that it’s more fortuitous to enjoy our years and keep a healthy eye on the future that awaits us. For those who’ve found this balance between living and leaving, their compass settles calmly, without stark spirals of anxiety. Balance brings peace which encourages us to live our best life and prepare for end-of-life too.


Living Our Best Life By Preparing for End-Of-Life 

Preparation means everything, especially with the impending hiccups of life. T.D. Jakes’ maxim is “Get ready. Get Ready. Get Ready.” But I prefer the Royal Rangers’ motto, “Ready.” Getting ready may catch us unaware, but staying ready safeguards us against the anxiety that comes with those unexpected hiccups along our journey. I suggest, no matter our age, we actively participate in life. Enjoy the beauty of a golden sunset. Relish in our favorite aromas. Embrace the peaceful sounds of favored music and the intonations encased in the voices of our treasured loved ones. By all means, celebrate the joy that life has to offer. Yet, remember to invest a portion of energy into preparing for end-of-life. If we consider end-of-life as one station in our cycle of life, death no longer seems like a thief. We only live once, and we only physically die once, so let’s make it epic. 


Live your best life and prepare for end-of-life too 

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