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Life seems but a vapor. Today we live. Tomorrow holds uncertainty. We thrive. We cry. We plan. We fight. We conquer. We work. We persevere. We love. We cherish. We contemplate. We resolve. Ultimately, we die. Then what becomes of us? Hmm. Some say, “Nothing.” When you’re dead, you’re done. Others say, “Rebirth.” You’ll see me again in one form or another. If we’ve lived well, we level up, and if not, well, creation order demotion awaits. Christians believe that a life of wonder and awe anticipated by those who’ve acknowledged dependence and accepted the shed blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


Not one is exempt from this fate. The only variance rests with our life after view. Regardless of our philosophy about the afterlife, a central idea holds true–the manner that we lived our earthly life determines the status of our ethereal existence. Live and love through the lens of eternity. Live expectantly and vibrantly as though we only have today. Yet, live wisely and circumspectly as though our tomorrow depends upon today. Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Seek out ways to better life for ourselves and others. Choose to live in the moment, but keep an eye on the future. A skillful balancing act makes of the here-and-now with the what-comes-next orchestrates the rhythm. More than anything, live life. Enjoy the journey. Smell the flowers. We only have one earthly life to live, so live it. Love it.


Into every life, a bit of rain must fall, but love conquers all. In our pursuit of life, the love of and love for compels us to devote our interests and time, and finances. Most of us hope to live a life full of love. We hold affection for so many things, from comfort food or treat to an experience. Whether it’s a tasty treat or the dining ambiance at our favorite eatery, what we remember most are the friends and loved ones that made that moment or meal so memorable. People matter. Our connection to those sandpaper-people who challenge us and rub us the wrong way end up making us better. If we remain patient and kind with them, we find that we’ve become more understanding and gracious people. Love is kind. Love is patient. Love is not easily agitated. At the end of our days, what we remember most is the love that we’ve encountered and enjoyed along the way. Who we’ve loved and how we’re loved warms our hearts. 


Love permeates every fiber of our lives. Living a life full of loving experiences motivates us to leave a trail of love wherever we may go. And when we are no more, it’s that loving aroma that comforts those who remember us. When someone so close to our hearts leaves us, we consider that eternal bliss all the more. We yearn to join our love. We prepare for that eternal life. Yet, how do you prepare for your eternal life? What’s essential for you to have in that timeless realm of living and loving? I advocate that we must contemplate our eternal life with more zeal than we do for this temporal life. Even if we live more than a century, it doesn’t hold a candle to the timelessness of eternity.


Live and love through the lens of eternity. Keep that eternal world in the back of your mind. We live today. We live tomorrow. We live eternally. We are triune beings: we live in a body that possesses a soul and a spirit. So, we live and love considering this reality of life.


Live long, love well, and prosper.


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