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How to remain thankful after the death of a loved one: 

Realizing that we must purposely shift our perspective to focus on thanksgiving, we find that there’s yet so much remaining in our lives that spark gratitude and appreciation. It’s so easy to allow the loss of a loved one to tether us to sorrow, grief, and regret. That’s why we must purposely and mindfully peel back the layers of our suffering and find those rays of sunshine. Practicing an attitude of gratitude every day helps us when we find ourselves walking through the pangs that come with the absence of our loved ones.


Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful people experience grief just like everybody else, but they experience that loss through a life lens of perpetual gratitude. I’ve walked the path of grief recovery, last storytelling, and homegoing preparation with numerous people, and one thing rings true: grateful hearts find hope, even through their pain. They see the upside to all the sorrow. Memories of love come to them seamlessly. They embrace the memories, despite the tears. They don’t shy away from the expressions of love, although hard to bear. 


I often wonder how some people draw on memories that cause them to weep, yet, others avoid those memories because it compels them to weep. It’s the comfort that hope brings. Hope inspires them to hope again. Hope translates into gratitude, which reminds them of the wonderful honor and joy their loved ones brought into their lives. The glass looks half-full, so they live optimistically. They recognize that the pain weighs heavy, yet, the gratitude for cherished memories keeps us buoying up toward the surface to hope again, to live again.


Focus On Who and What Remains

Sometimes our grief is so debilitating that we become immobilized and blinded by it. We may have lost a child or a mate, and we become locked into the loss. No more time. No more laughter. No more voice. No more will we enjoy all the nuances of these precious passed-away souls, and it’s terrifying to think of life without them. We think of nothing and no one else. 


But what about the children who remain? What about those who remain to benefit and enjoy our presence? We’re still here, and all that makes us a blessing to those who love and cherish us still abides. It doesn’t matter if the living children are toddlers, teens, or adults. They need assurance that their presence in our lives matters. Unintentionally, grief clouds our vision. Without thought, we may communicate that the one who lives no more holds more value and affection than the ones who remain. If you’re not familiar with what I mean, here’s a scenario: 

                               Every conversation that initiates our interests revolves 

                        solely around our beloved loved one who left us all too soon.

                        Every picture posted on social media centers on our lost one. 


                        Seldom do we celebrate the accomplishments of our 

                        living loved ones. Rarely do we post a pic of them

                        enjoying life.


What’s the unspoken message that gets buried beneath the grief, “I’m not important. I’m not loved as much as ….” How do we remedy this painful misconception? Cherish the life and love we shared with our passed-away loved ones. Yet, intentionally celebrate the love and gratitude we have for our living loved ones. Since we see how life can take a turn and silence the presence of our loved ones, let’s keep it at the forefront of our mental agendas. Our family walks with us and grieves with us, but they also are present to inspire us to hope. Give close attention to each smile and embrace that we are here to receive. If we knew it would be our last, we’d spend a bit more time meditating on the warmth and comfort each hug, giggle, or tear brings to our hearts. We become so grateful for the here and now. It’s priceless.


So many people have dealt with loss over the past few years. Perhaps, you’ll have the opportunity to share with someone how to remain thankful after the death of a loved one. 


Please leave a comment about your takeaway from this article. Visit http://yourlaststory.com/blogs to learn more. If you need tips on how to live beyond grief, this article may be helpful, https://www.kuzoandfoulkfh.com/news/how-to-move-on-in-life-5-tips-for-moving-past-grieving/


Live Long and Prosper

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