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One of the most challenging decisions is how to celebrate someone who has everything.

Every idea that crosses our mind gets halted by “She has that already” or “He did that last year.” We struggle with how to express our love and affection for these beloved individuals. And an added layer of perplexity comes with figuring out what to do for those who’ve lived so long that customary gifts no longer interest them. How can we celebrate these treasured ones who have everything?


Celebrate By Spending Time Making Memories

Time is priceless. Nothing comes close to spending genuine time bonding together. Not just sharing space but time spent reminiscing or making new memories. The older I become, the more I comprehend the importance of spending time with those I love and value. I understand that time is precious, and those moments spent with loved ones far exceed any superficial experience trending across any social media blurb. Here’s an idea: fix a bite to eat or pick up one and head over to spend some time with a loved one or close family friend. Get comfortable, spark up an interesting conversation, and listen closely and observe how much your presence and time blessed your loved one.


Celebrate With Written Expression From the Heart 

Another way to celebrate someone who has everything is by sharing sentiments of your heart. Write a heartfelt letter or poem expressing your love, adoration, respect, and gratitude for the life and sacrifice of your loved one or close family friend. This loving gesture falls in line with “Give me [them] flowers while I [they] can still smell them.” Most people never weary from hearing how their life has impacted another. Truly compassionate and serving people rarely think about themselves. They forge ahead, pouring into the lives of others so freely.


Why not share your gratitude by turning your memories into a tangible expression? How will you celebrate someone who has everything on that upcoming birthday or anniversary? Write about how each year of life or togetherness has touched your heart and how you are richer for those shared years. Celebratory writings are beautiful Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts and a wonderful way to honor a veteran. 


Celebrate a Moment In Time

To get started, build around a moment or a memory. Really explore that visual image. Jot down how you felt because of what you saw, heard, or tasted. Focus on what you noticed in the expressions of those who participated in that moment. What emotions did you hear in their voices? What made the memory so special? After you write down all those details, what sits before you may seem like a lot of disconnected goo, but your message waits for you within all you’ve recorded. Please don’t throw any of it away. Highlight what you may use and rework what needs more attention. Really focus on how your loved one, for that moment, made your day one for the books.


Celebrating Someone Who Has Everything

Sometimes we can’t identify just one moment, but it’s several incidentals threaded together over days, months, and years. It reminds me of my mother encouraging my siblings and me with a strong sense of self at a time when we lived in an impoverished neighborhood. She often voiced, “You may not be able to change where you live, but you can change how you live where you live.” Yet another pearl of wisdom she shared, “Even if you live on the side of the road, make it home.” She birthed a sense of gratitude for what we had and responsibility for making the most of it. You know, I should pen a tribute to my mom, thanking her for these life lessons.


The next time you’re faced with how to bless that special someone in your heart, take a bit of time to jot down a few sentiments or memories about this loved one. If you want some professional support, contact Your Last Story at yourlaststory.com. We welcome the opportunity to help you transform your sentiments into beautiful expressions describing just how much your loved one means to you. Feel free to give us a call at 800-887-5064.


Live Long and Prosper

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