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What does it mean when someone encourages us on how to bloom where we are planted? So many of us wish we worked somewhere else, lived somewhere else, or had a position that seemed better suited for our skill set or liking. Unfortunately, we are stuck in our current situation or condition. Here’s a thought: what would happen if we consciously decided to bloom where we are planted? 


Perspective Is Everything

We often say, “It is what it is,” but is it? Yes, our condition and our current position in life is what it is. No doubt about that, and we can’t do much about it; however, we certainly harness the power of how we view our circumstances. Our perspective holds the power of the ‘rosey-colored’ or ‘dark-bleak’ lens of life. Only we determine how we view our circumstances. Only we can see the beauty hidden below the surface of adversity and difficulty. If we viewed adversity and difficulty as an opportunity, we would flourish in ways beyond our understanding. 


Bloom Where We Are Planted

Instead of spending so much time toiling over how to make a mad dash toward the exit sign, choose to find the beauty embedded in this here and now. There’s a story waiting to unfold when we decide to bloom where we are planted. Look for the positive in every situation, even if it’s something ever so simple. Find the plus or benefit of the current circumstance. When we begin looking at our lives through the half-full angle, our perspective changes, which helps us see more light. 


We find stories in our everyday life, especially if we’re looking for them. We miss those blooming story buds if we continue viewing life as a dreary trek out of our control. They get overlooked. People who filter each day through the lens of possibilities see beautiful highlights within their days. It’s so important to figure out how to bloom where we are planted.


Attitude Helps Us Bloom Where We Are Planted

Optimism helps us blossom. It’s an intentional pursuit. Optimism is akin to fertilizer to the soil of life. Nurturing an optimistic mindset helps us see more clearly the good in our lives. Hope brings expectation into our lives. When we live in hope, we expect to bloom no matter where we live, work, or experience. Hope reminds us that things will get better after a while, so settle down and make the best of the current situation. Hope encourages us to resist the tendency to fall into despair, which strangles our growth. If growth doesn’t happen, blooms wither, and we die. But if we remain hopeful, we prosper no matter what we face.


Hoping For a Prosperous New Year

As we approach 2023, we enter it with expectations. Perhaps, our circumstances haven’t changed as we had hoped. Yet, we expect that the next 365 days will provide some seeds of opportunity that produce beautiful blossoms in our lives. Let’s decide to bloom where we are planted. And as we adjust to where we are planted, why not cultivate those budding stories awaiting discovery?

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Live Long and Prosper

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