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Just like the Delaney Sisters’ book titled, Having Our Say, The First 100 Years suggest: Tell your own story. 

Consider the advantage of telling your truth about yourself, in the manner that best suits you. What would happen if each of us took ownership of our own life story and shared those life snapshots that matter us, personally? 

Some could argue, “I’m gone, and I don’t care.” However, in most cases, someone will have the responsibility to craft what to say regarding us. Why not let it be the one who knows the most about the subject? You. Me. Us. Let’s “Have Our Say.” Let’s do it together. Let’s have at it! Let’s share our stories.

The Benefits of Having Your Say While You Have a Say

A first-person vantage point into the nuances and inner motivation of what happened and why it happened in such a way speaks volumes. Only you know why or why not. You may not know how to begin your “Having Your Say,” but someone does. Get some help. We all have different giftings. Some are keen storytellers and scribes. Some have a grand honest gift-of-gab. But by all means, “Have Your Say.”

We see life through the lens of our experiences, so inviting someone’s unbiased input toward a subject is most helpful. Invite a level headed confidant to help you wrestle through with if “Having Our Say” is as accurate an account as we recall it. Perhaps, pain or disappointment or worry has skewed our vision so much that “Having Our Say” has been altered by our memory of the circumstance. These moments are when “Having Your Say” is most important. Who wants to live in the shadow of misunderstanding and misinterpretation? Not me. What about you? When we begin “Having Our Say” in healthy reality, we thrive. 

So what does all of this have to do with “Having a Say?” Because we’re responsible for the generations behind us, the narrative must hold integrity and honesty. We’ve all had some good days and probably some sleepless nights too. But what trappings of our mind will either inspire us or dissuade us from sharing a snapshot of life that harnesses the power to lift those coming behind us?

Why not “Have Your Say While You Still Have a Say?” Give your loved one a template from which to work. As one who helps families grapple with what to include and where, to begin with gathering the pieces that help create a last and final account of a person’s life. It’s heart wrenching when those making such an attempt realizes huge gaps are missing from the story. 

Why not give your family a close-out gift of love. Build your story, brick by brick. “Have Your Say” with every brick of information that you choose to share, to include, to bless those left with the responsibility of completing what you have to say. Leave the frame to finish out “Having Your Say.” Remember, a day is coming when neither of us any longer will “Have a Say.” Leave your thumbprint on your last story and alleviate undue stress for your family or friends.

Think it not strange. Let’s take a proactive approach to “Having Our Say While We Have a Say” and begin a lively last story to share with families and friends. 


How about those rewarding benefits? 

Having Your Say While You Have a Say. Yep. Yep.


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