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So often, we hear elders lament, “Give me my flowers while I can still smell them,” but what does that really mean? What are they requesting for us to do? Simply put–show them our love and tell them what they mean to us, now. Why wait? Tomorrow isn’t promised to us. All we have is right now, so let’s use it. Imagine you have a bouquet of flowers in your hands right now. Who comes to mind? Wonderful! If you can, give your flowers or whatever token of affection you have and give it to the one whose presence first blessed your thoughts. Let’s show the sentiments of our hearts so we no longer hear, “Give me my flowers while I can still smell them.”

Ways To Encourage Aging Parents

Let’s honor our living by loving on them with kind words and deeds. I have a good friend who requested that I help her craft a tribute for her grandmother. She challenged me to extend my Your Last Story offerings. She said, “I want you to help me write my grandmother’s story, but she’s still alive. I want to celebrate her life now.” Her grandmother had lived a rich life, but her memory had a few hiccups in it. My dear friend wanted to capture the legacy that her grandmother had passed down to the family by inviting me to write a living legacy tribute. We had no idea how much of a rewarding and inspiring impact this living legacy tribute would have on my friend’s grandmother. Reading about what she had accomplished and what it meant to the family left her in awe. She pondered, “I did all of this? I was something else.” She gives a faint smile, and a single tear escapes the corner of her eye. Priceless.

Why Do We Wait Until a Funeral To Say What We Feel?

Writing Ms. Carrie’s tribute got me thinking. Why do we typically wait until after a person dies before we pour our hearts out about what we most love and appreciate about his or her presence? It’s strange. It’s beautiful to read and to hear all the accolades extended in honor of this beloved one. However, wouldn’t it be so much more meaningful if that person could hear our affections live-time? Let’s show our love now. Let’s speak about our love now. Select someone who helps make you a better version of yourself. List the ways that this person helps you live out your best self. Now, take that list and then thank this person for building you, stretching you, and shaping you. Perhaps, this person helped make you more responsible or accountable or patient or kind, etc., but something good occurred in you. It doesn’t have to be all fancy, but it must be sincere. Even if you must begin with a childhood favorite, “Roses are red. Violets are blue.” You’ve done so much for me, and I really thank you. That was off the cuff. Hehe.

You Are Loved Tribute


If you want to really snazz up your written thoughts, but you can’t find the words to adequately express the sentiments of your heart, contact Your Last Story. We’d love to assist you with sharing and telling this person how much his or her input has touched your life. Learn more at yourlaststory.com or contact us at 800-887-5064.

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