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At some point in our viewing adventures, we’ve seen a character access an area that requires fingerprint or eye scan identification verification. It’s usually a high-security entrance or top-secret access that requires this verification authentication. Only individuals vested to receive access can enable the sensor key. The vesting came anchored to that individual’s unique DNA disposition.

 At birth, we not only receive our own unique DNA, fingerprints, and eye identification labels. We also get imprinted with our divinely designed personality, abilities, gender, race, birth order, and a predetermined era of time for our birth arrival. We come equipped with every essential resource that we’ll need to fulfill our purpose. We intrinsically come wired with all these pieces, which compel us to get involved and contribute the gifts and attributes that make up our purpose DNA fingerprint throughout our lifetime, no matter how long or short our lifespan. 


Nothing makes us feel more satisfied than actively participating in the arena that we are uniquely suited to fill. Have you ever been told, “I just need you to do your job”? Well, many people select jobs based on the greenbacks they hope to earn. Others choose because it pays the bills or it’s all that’s available. Yet, there’s a group of people who go after jobs that spark their passion. I sincerely believe that these purpose-driven souls understand the essence of life. They more than likely wake each morning with a genuine sense of purpose. Even children who get the opportunity to flourish and learn utilizing their unique skill sets thrive, unlike those little ones whose natural abilities and interests get stifled.


Since we all arrived on this planet wired with a divine purpose to contribute to humanity, we need to consider the idea, “If I don’t make my deposit with the giftings vested in my DNA fingerprint, people suffer and lose out. They will move on through life without experiencing the benefits destined for you to impart. Now, that’s a powerful concept. Don’t you think? 


Let’s live our lives on purpose with purpose. If we choose to live this life filled with meaning and fulfilling our purpose, everybody wins. We live a satisfied and gratifying life journey, and other people’s lives are made more rewarding because of how we’ve impacted their lives. 


Even life that seemed much too short has a purpose. Someone asked me how could I help a family write a life last story for an infant that hadn’t lived long enough to contribute anything. I’ve not had this opportunity, but the first thoughts that filled my mind are sharing the story of how the family prepared for the little one and how they spoke to their precious bundle of love. The second thought that flooded my mind is how the family values life in a way that they didn’t before the departure of their precious gift. Every soul that arrives in our realm comes embodied with a purpose and an assignment to impact humanity. It becomes our assignment to recognize and glean and embrace the giftings that we meet along the way. More importantly, we must remember that we’re here to offer our lives to bless humanity with the gift of “Me”, not me, as in me, but “Me” as in you. 


By the way, helping families craft their loved one’s story inspires me with such purpose. I think it such an honor to assist them during a painful moment, but each and every time I begin gathering the story-facts from the family, they begin to reminisce and take such joy in sharing their love and life with me with their loved one. Priceless.


Where have your sole fingerprints been needed? If you’re having some difficulty figuring out your purpose, I recommend the movie, Soul. It inspired this blog.

Again, I remind you to live on purpose filled with purpose.

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