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If we knew today was the last time we would have our vision, how much longer would we take time to capture every detail of our day and the expressions of the people around us. How much more would we slow down for the moments that happened today? Tomorrow holds hope yet no promise for it, and yesterday gave what it had, but today walks with us. Enjoy it as though it beckons last. Think about it.

 Each day matters.

Yesterday Gave What It Had

Many of us spend so much time reminiscing over what we had or did in the past. Some of us exhaust countless hours rehearsing what could have been or should have been. It’s important to consider the past. The past reminds us of the lessons and blessings we’ve collected along the way. Yes, take that occasional look in the rearview mirror, but remember to refocus our gaze and be about living our today. Each day matters. Today matters.

Tomorrow Holds Hope

Planning for our future demonstrates attributes of wisdom. By all means, look ahead. Save for the rainy day. Preparation speaks of hope. When we make ready for the future, it testifies that we expect to participate in that future. Just as relevant, preparing for a future that one day will continue without us expresses compassion for our loved ones appointed to manage our affairs in our absence. Embracing this reality presents us with the sobering truth: Each day matters. Appreciate the past, envision the future, yet, experience today.

Today Walks With Us

Breathe. Take in all that today offers. Pause for a minute. Settle your eyes on something or someone in your space that you’d appreciate remembering if you lost the ability to see. Capture that image and stamp it into your memory for posterity. Today is a scorcher for me. What happened to April showers? But I’m glad to be here. Personally, I dread cold weather. Still, I don’t welcome sweltering weather either. I have today to feel the heat upon my brow. I won’t complain. Well, at least not much. Today holds value. Today matters. Take in your day. Take in your space. Doctors advise, “Speak to your… She hears you, even if she’s unable to respond.” Of all our sensory responses, our hearing lingers the longest. That means take this time to absorb the sounds around you. Fussing kids, cooing babies, noisy neighbors, mooing livestock, or blaring rescue vehicles remind us to appreciate the memories and stories formed from this day. Remember, each day matters. Today matters. Whether pleasant or disheartening, we live today and hope for better ‘todays’ no matter what we face today. For each day matters.

What’s your takeaway from today? Think about it. My takeaway–each day of my life holds wonders and stories waiting to unfold, so I must remain vigilant in taking in the sights and sounds and moments that I encounter along the way. Hope in the future, but recognize that tomorrow isn’t promised. Remember, each day matters.

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Live Long and Prosper.

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