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Not by luck, not an accident, not by chance, but through providence. I believe every human encounter initiates via divine design. With all the people in the world and all the potential opportunities to intersect with others, it amazes me how people engage and build relationships. What seems like an accidental encounter grows into a lifelong friendship. What mirrors a fleeting glance gets warehoused in the vault of memories, which in years to come, another connection retrieves that glance and sparks a lasting love affair.


We often wonder why we have the family we have, why we bear our gender, why we arrived in a particular year, or why our birth order lineup. I believe our divine purpose for living tethers to each of these aspects of our makeup. Somehow my destiny anchors me, in some way, to a female canvas. My divine design is accomplished through the lens of a person of color. The terms of my purpose cannot be materialized in originating from another culture or race, for if it was so, I would be that kind of person instead. The skin I’m in affords me to speak to other people of color in such a way that if I walked in a different color or culture profile, I’d become less effective otherwise. 


 What we must accomplish in this life depends on our meeting those who have a part in adding to our sojourn here on earth. Whether positive or negative, each exchange with someone represents a divinely designed piece that we’ll need on our journey toward fulfilling our purpose. We’re all uniquely designed to meet up with other uniquely designed individuals as we move through life in our effort of fulfilling our divine purpose. There are no coincidences. In your lifetime, you are destined to meet people who help shape your lens on life. As a result, your view on life will govern your choices. Your choices help shape your path leading to your destiny. It may seem too quacky an idea to embrace the concept that human interaction, no matter how brief, is intentional. We learn what to do and what not to do based on the engagement we have with others. Because of painful interactions of rejection, we learn compassion. When our journey navigates us into choppy waters of disappointment, we draw on that compassion. We may not understand the ‘why’ of a matter, but we trust that it all works into helping us actualize our purpose for living through our divinely linked connection with others. 


Consider this:

Think about some of the brief encounters you’ve had with other people. List the ones that stand out to you. Try to establish why you remember these brief interactions. Now, note how that human connection impacted your life. If you’re so inclined, share your discovery in the comment section of this blog.


Let’s get inspired by the wonder of divine connections by design.


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