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Whew! 2020 truly captured the heart of all those New Year’s Eve messages we heard at the beginning of the year. Just to name a few, “2020, A Year of Vision,” or this one, “A New Thing In A New Year,” and here’s another, “2020, I See,” Said the Blind Man.” The song that comes to mind is, “Do You Hear What I hear?” “Do you see what I see?” Yes, we envisioned a year full of advancement and open doors and blessings, and we heard the rumblings of success and victory. But like the blind man, we couldn’t ever have foreseen the forecast for our “Perfect Vision 2020” year. Pandemics and social unrest lurk throughout every state in the nation. We’ve witnessed some historical firsts from the White House to the Church House. Never had so many White House civil servants heard, “You’re fired,” from their Commander in Chief. How often have we heard, “No more church as usual?” Well, how about that? Attending church in person this year–quite unusual. Yet, with all these historical happenings, we know Emmanuel, our God, is with Us for those who embrace the Christian faith. And because the Lord, our God, is with us, we made it through 2020. 


 At Your Last Story–Obit Support Services, we invite you to celebrate this year with us intentionally. To get things going, think of something that brings you joy. Happiness is such a temporary, fleeting emotion, but a joy that springs from a confidence that things will get better prompts an absolute resolve within us. Unconditional all encompassing love and devotion illustrates the heart of God’s grace toward us. What a comfort we find in this message. This Christmas season reminds us that we would never have made it out of 2020 with any peace of mind if Jesus Christ hadn’t made way for us. His birth solicits a celebration of gratitude and thanksgiving. 


We’ve watched so many people struggle through life this year. We’ve even grappled with it ourselves. Many plead, “Why is this happening to me?” When the storm of life heads our way to hammer our faith and hope, rarely do we head into the storm seeking the peace and confidence found only in the eye of the storm. We say, “No, not to me.” Yet, we must ask ourselves, “Why not Me? When we look back over our lives, much of our personal growth manifests in the belly of adversity. Although 2020 delivered many hammering blows, have you noticed any transformation of personal insights and perspectives? If so, congratulations!


Even though 2020 called away so many of our loved ones this year, Your Last Story–Obit wants us to appreciate and find value in every season of life, moving forward on our eternal journey home. We may have cried along our journey, so we comfort ourselves with Psalm 91. We who dwell in the Most High’s secret place shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty’s tender watch, so our victory belongs to Jesus. If you’re redeemed, shout, “Jesus is with us!” Glory to God! Now, that’s some good tidings of comfort and joy. To all of our readers, YLSO’s greatest desire for each of you this Christmas season is that you remember Jesus came to bring joy to the world–your world. So, come all ye faithful and worship Emmanuel, our God Is With Us. Thank You, Jesus! We made it by Your grace. Now, let’s comfort ourselves with these words, Emmanuel, God Is With Us–We Made It. All shall be well.


Shalome, may this message comfort you and give you peace.





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