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YLS Blog Entry #1


Chronicle Your Dash—Know Your ‘Why?’


Allow me to impart a concept into your “dash.”


Select this time to take stock of who you are today.

Ask yourself, “What pivotal events have had its hand in shaping who I am this day?” 

Record these life-shaping turning points and highlight why these seminal moments impacted your life so profoundly.


While you consider the events that make up the fiber of your ‘dash,’ I’ll share with you a little about mine.


As I embark upon this journey of promoting Your Last Story–Obit Support Service, I must first delve into my “why.” Why am I compelled to help others share their last story? Why care? Why invest the time? Above all, why launch a business based on loss and longing? It may seem macabre to fancy writing about the goings and comings of the dead. 


So here it is, I’ve always enjoyed reading personal narratives, especially if the story mapped out the struggles and tragedies that catapulted the person into the victor’s circle. But that’s a far cry away from writing obituaries, right?. Did I mention,” I found myself intrigued with reading obituaries that cross my path, even those with whom I had no close relationship, strangers even? Weird, huh? That’s what I thought, but doing so brings me great contentment. I digress. Let’s get back to “Why.”


A little more than twenty years ago, in my solace for wanting to connect with the person presented on the obituary I held in my hand, I became keenly aware that this person contained more substance than the grocery list of disconnected facts that I had just read. Ok, I get it. He was a devoted husband and father, but what evidence was provided? What imagery or written picture presented him as this doting husband and father? This document, which is what it delivered, should encompass his “dash”‘ his personal story, but it didn’t. All I learned is that his life story began in 1948, and his story came to a screeching end in 2002. Wait! But what happened that made up the canvas of his 53 years of living? What momentous events shaped his life between those two imperial dates? What about his ‘dash’? What about his story?

My mind reeled investigative quest, and my heart longed to elevate this man, this devoted husband, and father, into the annals of history with more than an honorable mention, as it were. This epiphany becomes my ‘aha’ moment. I say to myself, “Everyone deserves a life story that communicates who he truly is among friends and family, coworkers and neighbors, and even among those disquieted naysayers along the journey of life. I could lament over his current state of affairs, as I had done many times while reading other obituary life-listings, or I could stop criticizing and get involved. Do something to help others experience the beauty and struggle and highlights in all those “dashes.” just waiting to be told. I feel compelled to bring the ‘dash’ of people to life. I’m summoned to craft each life story with vibrant character-personality, dignity, and honor. Why? Because this obituary is the last story to chronicle the ‘dash’ of each person’s life.


And did I state,” I don’t like the sound of the word “obituary,” even though it’s Latin (obitu+arius) for “pertaining to death”? I prefer the perspective of life-story (bio+vivus) life and living, taken from Greek and Latin, respectively. This is the’ Why’ that governs my course and lights my way–a living last-story, just waiting to be told.


Now that you’ve learned a bit more about me, I trust that you’ve taken the time to reflect upon your ‘dash’ and the ‘why’ that shapes it.


Back to Chronicle Your Dash & Know Your Why

Chronicle those life-shaping moments that impact your ‘dash’ and store it for safekeeping. 


If you’re brave and want to share a highlight with your circle of family and friends, share it and the ‘why’ with those who would be most impacted when your ‘dash’ comes to its end.


This act of tender transparency helps ensure that your life story and your narrative’s essence is shared with authentic grace and sincerity.


Live Long, Prosper, and Make the Most of Your Dash,

         YLS, Editor & Story-Sharer


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