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The powerful impact of the ripple effect connects each of us to major and minor happenings in the lives of others. Yet, other rippling streams join others to major and minor happenings in each of our own life—what a wondrous phenomenon. Interestingly enough, we each fulfill our purpose from season to season as we ride along on our respective ripples in time. Who we meet and what experiences we encounter all work toward navigating us towards our divine purpose. A little pain must fall into every life; however, some joy and love must grow there too.


Pain prompts us to reflect and consider the future, a day without the burden of this pain. Pain pushes us to see beyond ourselves yet, focuses us intently on our current circumstances. In either case, pain in varying levels of discomfort helps us grow. We must sometimes rely on others, but we must also stand-alone, taking a walk in our own moccasins. Trying to figure out just how to balance these two realities moves us along into our purpose. In times past, I’ve had to endure the rigor of therapy on the left side of my back. Man, did it hurt, and I had to take this journey alone. Noone endured that horrific pain for me, but I relied on the prayers of my sistas to empower me with courage and grace to go those lonely miles. They prayed for grace and healing over me, but I also needed to pray for myself. Pain has the ability to put things in perspective, but it also has the ability to blur our perception of reality because of that sole pain. Thus, we need balance and an understanding that these moments and seasons of discomfort have its purpose in assisting in our quest toward fulfilling our divine purpose. They are but a ripple, which impacts us in the larger and lesser scheme of things.


One seemingly insignificant and ordinary moment or encounter or incident intrinsically unites us to the expanding ripples and thrusts each of us forward by the previous wave of ripples. Our purpose fulfilled, oftentimes, comes unbeknownst to us. So many of us think in isolated snippets. Few of us ponder how one moment or encounter has divinely positioned us with knowledge or skill, or insight for fulfilling the next moment in our life or how this one moment or encounter feeds into someone else’s impending purpose. Our experiences and seasons of life are all interconnected to what’s coming next and what preceded us.


All that we’ve endured marks us for purpose. No luck. No chance. No happenstance, but purpose. Even those painful moments and foolish decisions all work themselves into the fabric of that purpose. It’s one stitch in the canvas. I know I’ve muddled my metaphors, but it seemed fitting. LOL. This is not to say that every bad or harmful act comes from the Divine. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We are free moral agents with our own will to do as we choose. Sometimes our choices invade another person’s world in the most heinous ways. For those who believe in a sovereign God, we wrestle with why He allowed this or that to happen. Without the right understanding, we neglect to recount that He respects His own gift of free will to humanity. This means that we act beyond Him and without Him. Because of His sovereignty, He strategically blends all these loose threads into the canvas that works into the ripple effect of His divine plan for us. Therefore, no experience becomes waste. It becomes another of our ripples in time.


Our life is a melding of our own choices, plus the choices that others impose upon us, like parents, siblings, mates, friends, coworkers, and even strangers, and ultimately of our Creator. Each season presents a new purpose, which is but another ripple in our existence’s overall purpose. With this understanding, we are better equipped to embrace life as it comes without becoming embittered and hardened. We must recognize that every ripple and stitch in our lives leads us into fulfilling our divine purpose by the end of our life.


Now, that’s something to consider as we head into a new year. Right as we are riding the wave of this ripple in time.

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