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Everybody dies, but how do you want to be remembered? What moments of your life whisper, “Share me”? Your life probably holds a zillion snapshots of memorable stories worth telling. For starters, think back on your earliest fond memory. Think about how this memory helped shape your life. There’s a story waiting for you to share in that snapshot of memory.

For me, I recall walking hand in hand with my mom heading to school for the very first time. Excitement and anxiety bubbled in my little belly, but I skipped along, tugging further and further for my mom to quicken her pace. Mom gently pulled me back to her side and reminded me to slow down before I fell. She reminded me that we would arrive at school shortly. I don’t remember the details, but somewhere in our waiting for entering the classroom, my mother and I exchanged small talk with another china doll looking little girl and her mother. She’s really shy but had a funny laugh. We soon learned that we both had the same teacher. Our mothers kissed us and assured us that they would pick us up after school ended. This memory snapshot lives in my treasure box of nearly sixty years. And for a rare jewel that graces my memory treasure box, we’ve been the closest of friends, even sisters, for fifty-plus years. My kinship with my Aliwoo, as I affectionately call her these days, abounds with fond and dramatic memories untold. This kind-hearted, quiet wonder helped change my life when she invited me to one of her church youth outings. I am forever grateful for that invitation.

On another note, think about how attending home-goings or funeral services pull at the heartstrings of everyone in attendance. Yet, I love learning about those seminal moments that helped alter the dearly departed one’s life trajectory. What about a life-changing moment in your life? What significant event in your life helped change the course of your life? Over time, memory after memory and experience after experience shapes our perspectives on life. Even our personalities become impacted by these experiences. We may share an experience, but our perspectives on this one moment in time impress each of us differently. For instance, the death of a loved one early in life crushes the heart. Yet, one person sees this absence as a catalyst to make this loved one proud. On the other hand, another person becomes buried and immobilized beneath the crushing weight of losing this loved one. In either case, a story worth sharing awaits telling.

Life encompasses a zillion moments and experiences that deserve a snapshot moment. No matter the emotion attached to it, look at it. Learn from it. Grow from it. Laugh at it. Cry over it, but whatever you do, share it. For these are the pieces that make up your story, and your story is definitely worth telling.


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