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“A picture paints a thousand words” expresses a matter more strongly than what we can sometimes ever articulate. More commonly, the adage is “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Yet, that one picture more adequately conveys one-thousand thought-provoking and meaningful heart-to-heart matters. Incredibly, when I revisit the fall season during Breast Cancer Awareness, it holds such pain and disappointment. Yet, at the same time, it embodies a time of extraordinary love and determination through the lives of two remarkable young women and each of their support teams. As I stated in “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Part A,” 2010 changed my life with one reality. I regretted not having enough pictures to contribute to my Cherliegirl’s homegoing farewell video presentation. It became the wake-up call that I needed to make the most to capture my life memories by including myself when picture time popped-off. My one job, “Be willing.” 


One other memory for which I reflect upon is my precious Mar-Mar’s journey. Again, I had no pictures that showed both of us, even though we shared years of memories. Unlike my Cherliegirl, Mar-Mar embraced the camera during her journey through breast cancer. Even in my mind’s eye, I see her weary eyes mustering up a strained smile whenever picture time presented itself. Such an incredible young woman of fortitude and grit is Ms. Mar-Mar. Though I had no picture of the two of us, I did have a photo that speaks volumes about my connection with her. Everything hurt. She couldn’t get comfortable with any position in bed, so Ruthie and I purchased an assortment of comfy bedding accessories, hopefully, to bring comfort and to lift her spirit. Mar graciously received our offering, but we found that some of the pillows were too large. 


However, one significant highlight was the midnight blue cozy covering embedded with messages, love, family, peace, and friends on it. I can’t imagine anyone attempting to navigate the exhausting pilgrimage through cancer without a strong and supportive team of family and friends who provide inexhaustible love and care. Despite the uncertainty that cancer presents, having the presence of loving family and friends brings a considerable amount of peace of mind. So, it’s with great comfort to my heart and mind that Mar-Mar’s bedding pic reminds me of the incredible love that her family and friends held for her. Both Mar-Mar and Cherliegirl demonstrated such grace while under fire. These two young women made every effort to be kind, even while feeling horrible. It seemed a thousand words transferred from each of them to so many of us when they could no longer speak a word. 


Readers, this blog salutes the journey of those who travel and have traveled the treacherous roads of cancer, breast cancer in particular. Their lives, their struggles, their victories, their surrenders embody those pictures that promote a thousand words.


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