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Tattoos are the harbinger of the unsung life stories of those waiting to be told. They reveal the heart and soul on a human canvas. Flesh imprinted with the inkings of the silent. What of that tat-tat-tatting. With little room for error, the artist’s genius morphs each dot of precisely placed ink into a symbol that reflects its owner’s inner-workings. Skillful artists take great care to reproduce an image into a masterful story of life.

I’ve often approached these human canvas bearers about what inspired them to select a particular tat. To date, I have zero tattoos, but I’m most intrigued by the backstory surrounding what motivates people in their quest for tattoo selections. Even though I have none, and I don’t foresee me ever acquiring one, I admire quality skillful artistry. It’s truly a work of extraordinary meticulous genius, an evolving art form.

Who would have ever imagined that a tattoo would come to reflect the essence of a person’s interest and personality or passions and loves and regrets or memorials? I worked with a guy who strolled about with a seemingly unpretentious menacing swagger. However, when you speak with him, he’s wonderfully astute. At first glance, he’s often mistaken for a crude dude, but if you’re fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of his forearm, you will notice a snapshot of two women. The pristine craftsmanship of his tattoo drew me in. I probed into who were these beautiful ladies who bore an engraving upon his dermis. I complimented the detailed precision of the artist. Then I learned, his forearm embraces a loving memorial to his precious mother and sister. Through his tattoo artist, I peered into the depth of this guy’s heart. His artist’s picture-perfect replication of this guy’s family invited me momentarily to welcome a conversation about these two women’s backstory. This seemingly unapproachable man radiated with energy as he shared who these beauties were who he honored within his skin.

It might seem awkward inviting conversations about the history of someone’s tattoo since I am tattooless. Yet, I am mindful that stories and memories are tethered to these masterful engravings upon human flesh. These are the stories of the unsung. These are stories symbolic of a person’s life story. These tattoo images make up what goes into a person’s last story.

In the comment section below, please share a story behind one of your tats. What inspired you. Maybe, you have a tat that holds some regret. Do you still have it? If not, how did you absolve yourself of it? More importantly, which tat would you include in your last story? What would you want your friends and family to know about you through this tattoo?

I look forward to reading all about what’s with that tat.

        Lisa, Editor & Story-Sharer

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