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Today, there are myriad ways, but we will share 6 creative ways to honor a loved one’s remains.

Cremation as a means of burial has become more popular and acceptable over the past twenty or so years. However, the days of housing a loved one’s remains solely in an urn has taken on a world of its own.


Consider these heartfelt ideas as 6 creative way to honor a loved one’s remain:

1–Traditional Decorative Urn Display

Having a traditional urn placed on display sometimes keeps some uncomfortable emotions; however, consider placing the urn displayed among other vases and adding some natural elements to jazz up the presentation.

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2–Personalized Miniature Urns

Another option to mounting the massive traditional urn that rests on the mantle is a personalized miniature keepsake urn. This display is a subtle presentation of a standard urn.

3–Mingled Remains With Nature 

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust into a floral or a bush we go. Corney, I know, but if your loved one enjoyed spending time in nature or working in a garden, mingling those precious remains into the soil or on the perimeter of a favored tree. Perhaps, planting the remains beneath memory stones alongside a tended path or place in the yard. 

4–Jewelry Keepsakes for Loved Ones Remains

Necklaces with attached vials to hold ashes or lockets or bracelets are another of the 6 creative way to honor a loved one’s remains. This keepsake provides a stylish medium to keep your loved one close to your heart.

5–Artwork Mingled with Ashes

 Blending ashes into paint or ink was a first for me. I hadn’t seen portraits or abstracts created using the ashes of a loved one’s remains. Mixing the ashes into calligraphy ink to write a loved one a note or craft a favorite saying–quite novel.

6–Loved One’s Remains In Artsy Sculpture

Glass blown paperweight with loved one’s ashes swirled among the design is stunningly beautiful. The only caveat is that you must entrust your loved one’s remains to the designer. For some people, that’s scary. My loved ones opted out when we realized that we’d have to release the remains. We felt more comfortable with purchasing a lovely keepsake.

Think about blending your treasured remains into a colored sand design that gets poured into an hourglass or glass vase. Now, I’m not quite sure how the notion of blending ashes into a potpourri sachet works, but it’s yet another idea for honoring a loved one’s ashes creatively.

NOTE–Most of us have seen a movie where a loved one’s ashes are released into the ocean or tossed into the air, or sent up into a lantern lamp. However, I’ve recently learned that it’s important for us to consider any legal ramifications in your area. Perhaps, I’ll do some research write an article addressing any legal issues about handling a loved one’s ash remains.

If you’re looking, consider one of the 6 creative way to honor your loved one mentioned in this article. For additional ideas, here’s an external link to learn about more ideas:Additional Ways To Honor Someone


Your Last Story looks forward to hearing your feedback on the creative ways you’ve used to honor your loved ones remain.

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