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The following are writing chunks taken from obituaries that we’ve written or edited for grieving families over the years.

  It has been our joy and privilege to help families tell the last story of their loved one’s life and share it in print.  

Note–John or Jane or Fido has been used to respect the privacy of our story-sharer.

Sample 7

(Love You/Thank You framed Tribute)

John graduated from … High School in …, California. When many young men struggled with the lure and pull of the streets, John was no exception. But, as he matured and learned, he overcame those temptations of street life that tried to capture him in a life behind bars. He spent his life handing out real talk and schooling the young men in his family and neighborhood. John had a good heart. He was a serious and kinda quiet man, but catch him at a game of Spades while listening to the oldies, and he’d get to talking smack, busting jokes, and everything. He liked chilling to the O’Jays, Temptations, and Stylistics. Now, that’s some real music. John got along with almost everybody since he was so easygoing. When his Lakers won a championship, he would grin those sparkling snow-white teeth. 


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