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Will I have to sign a contract?

 Yes, Terms of Agreement (Order Request Tab)


-Why should I hire you for my service?
-Can I see examples of your writing work?


-What services are included in your writing package?
-Do you charge to consult with clients?
-What are your terms?
-What if I already have a rough draft and I just need help with editing?


-What is the process for having you write my story?
-Will I have to sign a contract?
-In what form will writings be submitted?
-If you agree to take on my project, how soon can we get started?
-How long does the writing process take?
-How long are turnaround times?
-What is your privacy policy?
-Method of uploading/sharing information?
-If I hire you to write for me, who owns that copy?


-What are available payment methods?
-What is your rate for writing service?
-Will you provide pricing quote before work begins?
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